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Here are 7 reasons why you benefit from using a CTG broker:

  • We have access to a wide variety of gap cover products from the top providers in the country.
  • You can count on us for bespoke advice on the best gap cover to suit your specific medical aid option, budget and personal needs.
  • We save you time – we’ll shop around for you to find the best solution, help you apply, AND you’ll always deal directly with your consultant. Forget those tiresome call centre queues!
  • We do all the legwork, helping you change gap cover policies, read the fine print, cancel old policies, and more.
  • We’re on your team – should you have any questions or claims to submit, we’re here for ongoing support, making the process simple and stress-free.
  • We’ll give you expert advice every year when providers release their new rates and benefits, reassessing your gap cover product to make sure that it’s still suitable for your needs and budget.
  • And we’ve saved the best for last – there are NO BROKER FEES!

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Examples of Medical Aid shortfalls

ProcedureCostMedical Aid PayoutShortfallGap Claim
Caesarean SectionR12,605.86R4,192.10R8,413.76R8,4133.76
Coronary BypassR40,751.80R13,587.60R27,164.20R27,164.20
Wisdom Teeth RemovalR6,260.00R1,958.50R4,301.50R4,301.50

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What is GAP COVER?

GAP cover pays YOU the difference between what the doctors charge in hospital and NHRPL, what the medical aid actually pays.

The National Health Reference Price List  (NHRPL) is a pricing system maintained by the Department of Health and the Council for Medical Schemes. The NHRPL specifies the rates to which your medical aid scheme must adhere. It is the amount of money that they are bound by law to pay out for a given situation. Doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers however, are not bound to these rates, and in fact charge up to 300% above these NHRPL prices. So despite thinking you are financially covered for any medical eventuality in its entirety, for the most part you are not, and are often liable for an enormous shortfall.