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Examples of Medical Aid shortfalls

Procedure Cost Medical Aid Payout Shortfall Gap Claim
Appendicectomy R3,441.46 R1,388.20 R2,053.26 R2,053.26
Caesarean Section R12,605.86 R4,192.10 R8,413.76 R8,4133.76
Coronary Bypass R40,751.80 R13,587.60 R27,164.20 R27,164.20
Hysterectomy R12,977.80 R4,751.00 R8,226.80 R8,226.80
Tonsillectomy R12,297.70 R4,119.91 R8,177.79 R8,177.79
Wisdom Teeth Removal R6,260.00 R1,958.50 R4,301.50 R4,301.50

What is GAP COVER?

GAP cover pays YOU the difference between what the doctors charge in hospital and NHRPL, what the medical aid actually pays.

The National Health Reference Price List  (NHRPL) is a pricing system maintained by the Department of Health and the Council for Medical Schemes. The NHRPL specifies the rates to which your medical aid scheme must adhere. It is the amount of money that they are bound by law to pay out for a given situation. Doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers however, are not bound to these rates, and in fact charge up to 300% above these NHRPL prices. So despite thinking you are financially covered for any medical eventuality in its entirety, for the most part you are not, and are often liable for an enormous shortfall.