About Us


…is owned by Rob Mitchell Brokers. We have been in business within the financial services industry since January 1990 and expanded into providing quality medical aid advice in 2002.

Having realised the potential of gap cover early on, we were perfectly positioned to provide an essential service within a profession which has evolved from the traditional structures of then to the current complex and tiered environments of today.

With the benefits of gap cover becoming clearly obvious over the years, it was around 2005 we began asking ourselves as to how this information could be relayed to the vast number of medical aid members out there who weren’t aware of such a relevant product.

We recognised the improved accessibility of the internet would provide the perfect vessel for spreading the word on gap cover.

After careful development we created www.www.coverthegap.co.za and were then in a position to provide a service to the public and impact the market. Having partnered with CompliMed early on, we paved the way to our first website referred client in 2008.

Since then, we’ve expanded our range of products and options to ultimately cater for the ever expanding requirements of the market and related competition.

Within our offices, you’ll find dedicated staff with the knowledge and expertise to cater for your individual circumstances. We invite you to communicate with our front line experts, Tyrone or Andre.A no obligation call or email will ensure they tailor a gap cover product specific to your needs.

We pride ourselves in being one of the longest standing broker websites for gap cover in the country and look forward to finding a solution for you.


Rob Mitchell Brokers
Tel : 031 1002330
FSP No : 31569

Tyrone Raman …Tel : 076 9444 542 … email : tyrone@coverthegap.co.za

Andre Govender… Tel : 063 0744607 … email : ctgsales@coverthegap.co.za

Office line : 031 100 2330 … office hours : 8 am to 4:30 pm.