Drum Dental Gap

Registration Number 2007/019358/07

FSP Number: Juristic Representative of FAIS-IT – 45810

Dental Risk Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd identified the need in South Africa for a dental benefit insurance plan. DRUM’s stakeholders developed a unique cost effective dental policy called DentalRisk Insurance.  This product enhances the benefits of any person with a medical aid or medical hospital plan. It further allows people who cannot afford traditional medical aid their constitutional right to basic and specialised dental care.



Benefit DescriptionType of CoverWaiting PeriodsPrimeBronzeSilverGold
Basic Dentistry
Consultations (including Infection Control, Local Anaesthetic & Sterilisation)3 months2 Visits @ R420 each3 Visits @ R420 each4 Visits @ R420 each5 Visits @ R420 each
Fillings3 months2 Events @ R400 each3 Events @ R400 each4 Events @ R500 each4 Events @ R500 each
X-rays3 months2 X-rays @ R120 each3 X-rays @ R120 each5 X-rays @ R150 each6 X-rays @ R150 each
Extractions3 months2 Events @ R250 each3 Events @ R250 each3 Events @ R300 each4 Events @ R350 each
Emergency Root Canal3 months2 Events @ R190 each3 Events @ R200 each3 Events @ R300 each3 Events @ R300 each
Bite Plate3 monthsn/a1 per annum @ R6001 Per annum @ R8001 Per annum @ R1 000
Mouth Guard3 monthsn/a1 per 24 month cycle @ R4001 Per 24 month cycle @ R4001 Per 24 month cycle @ R600
Pan Scan (for over 18 yrs)1 monthn/a1 per policy holder @ R3501 per policy holder @ R3501 Per policyholder @ R350
Preventative: Scale and polish3 monthsn/an/a1 Event @ R2802 Events @ R280 each
Specialised Dentistry
Wisdom Teeth in Chair6 months2 Teeth @ R580 eachn/a4 Teeth @ R1 000 each4 Teeth @ R1 250 each
Wisdom Teeth in Hospital6 monthsn/an/a2 Teeth @ R3 500 each4 Teeth @ R3 500 each
Root Canal6 monthsn/an/a2 Events @ R1 500 each3 Events @ R1 750 each
Dentures6 monthsn/a1 full set every 5 years @ R3 0001 full set every 5 years @ R3 0001 Full set every 5 years @ R3 500
Temporary Crowns6 months2 Events @ R450 each1 Events @ R450 each2 Events @ R600 each3 Events @ R600 each
Crowns and Bridgework6 monthsn/a1 Event @ R3 0001 Event @ R3 0001 Event @ R3 500
Implants (Pin and Placement)6 monthsn/an/a1 Event @ R5 0002 Event @ R6 000
Value Added Benefits
Trauma1 month1 Per Year @ R16 0001 Per Year @ R16 0001 Per Year @ R25 0001 Per Year @ R25 000
Premium Waver1 monthn/a3 Months premium3 Months premium6 Months premium




MemberAge LimitPrime
Monthly Premium
Monthly Premium
Monthly Premium
Monthly Premium
Principal (18 yrs+)New members must be under 65 yrs.R33pmR122pmR239pmR339pm
Spouse/Adult dependantNew members must be under 65 yrs.R29pmR104pmR180pmR276pm
Child (0 -21 yrs)New members must be under 65 yrs.R24pmR68pmR117pmR173pm

Please note:

There is no orthodontic cover.Applicants must complete a panoramic scan within the 1st 3 months of membership, paid for by Drum in accordance to their benefit structure.There is a network of dentist but you not restricted to it however there could be shortfalls for out of network dentists.Teeth extracted or missing prior to inception are not covered or may have an extended waiting period imposed in certain cases.

The benefit descriptions in this brochure do not supersede the Benefit Policy.E&OE. NOTE: BENEFITS AVAILABLE PER ANNUM TO APPLICANTS IF AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO BEFORE THE AGE OF 65.Claims have a 30 day turn around time. Claims need to be submitted within 30 days of the procedure.

xxx Specialised procedures requires pre – authorisation before any treatment commences.

xxx TRAUMA – in case of Trauma, authorisation must be given within 48 hours of the event occurring.



2018 DRUM Brochure

2018 DRUM Application Form

2018 DRUM Policy Wording