NB. All gap cover policies currently have an annual limit of R160 000 per insured member per year. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant waiting periods and exclusions.Gap products are not medical aid schemes and cover is not a substitute for medical aid.

Zestlife is an authorised financial service provider.

FSP Number: 37485

Policies underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited (FSP number 76) and Guardrisk Insurance Company Ltd. (FSP number 75)


What we offer you:
• Easy to understand, affordable medical cover that is sustainable over the long term
• A solution that suits your individual needs
• Quality healthcare solutions and medical insurance to protect you and your family when things go wrong


Product offerings:


UniversalIndividuals younger than 55 yrs is R363 pm, between 55 and 64 yrs is R458 pm and 65 yrs + is R521pm.

Families – younger than 65 yrs is R458pm and R521pm for 65 yrs +.

Essential Individuals younger than 55 yrs is R274pm, between 55 and 64 yrs is R344pm and 65 yrs + is R393pm.

Families – younger than 65 yrs is R344pm and R393pm for 65 yrs +.


You can also add:

  1. Extended Cancer lump sum benefit for R 69 pfpm (R75000) OR R132 pm (R175000). Ceases at age 65 yrs.First time diagnosis only.
  2. Medical premium waiver benefit for 24 (R178 pm) or 60 months(R312 pm).
  3. Extended Dentistry cover for R 262 pfpm.

Who’s covered

  • Guaranteed cover for all applicants.
  • No entry age limit.
  • No restrictions on the number of children covered.
  • Cover provided for adult dependants at no extra cost, i.e., parents and siblings of the policyholder.

Gap Benefits

  • Up to 500% of Medical Scheme Tariff cover for in-hospital procedures and 50 out-patient procedures.
  • Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) conditions are covered.
  • Cover is extended above scheme limits and is calculated as the difference between the medical practitioner charges and scheme tariff.

Co-payment Benefits

  • Hospital admission and procedure-specific co-payments are covered.
  • Co-payments for using a non-Designated Service Provider (non-DSP) are covered.
  • Co-payments on out-patient MRI, CT and PET scans are covered.

Enhanced Cancer co payment (Universal Gap cover Only)

Cover for the co-payment as levied by the medical scheme when a member’s
total annual cancer treatment limit is exceeded. This cover is subject to a
maximum co-payment of 25%.

Internal Prosthesis (Universal Gap cover Only)

Cover of up to R30 000 for each policy each year is provided for co-payments and shortfalls on the cost of internal prostheses such as artificial joints after the exhaustion of the medical scheme specified limit or threshold. This benefit does not cover intraocular lenses or prostheses that are not replacing a body part.

Additional Benefits

  • R30 000 cover, paid out on first time diagnosis of cancer for each policy beneficiary. This is in addition to the normal Gap Cover benefits as they apply to cancer.(Universal Gap cover Only)
  • Accidental death and permanent disability.
  • Robotic procedures covered up to R30 000.
  • Trauma counselling benefit.
  • Accidental Casualty.
  • Medical scheme and gap premium waver (Universal Gap cover Only).
It’s good to understand Liberty make use of Zest life administrators. They offer useful cancer lump sum options, accidental dentistry add ons and a breast reconstruction benefit unique to them in gap cover.Their plans for the 65+ bracket are competitively priced for 2018.Note their cancer co payment benefit is suited to only certain medical aid schemes though so please check with us for suitability.




PackageDescriptionAdditional CoverUnderwritingPrice
UniversalUp to 500% tariff gap. Co payment cover. Sub limit on internal prosthesis. Oncology co payment (20%) + Lump sum first time diagnosis.Non DSP co payment. Accidental Casualty.Breast reconstruction. Accidental death. Trauma counselling, etc.12 month pre existing conditions. 12 month maternity.Individuals:
younger than 55 - R363 pm.
55 to 64 - R458 pm.
65 + @ R521 pm.

Up to 64 yrs - R458 pm.
65+ @ R521pm
EssentialUp to 300% tariff gap.Co Payment cover.Accidental death. Trauma counselling,Accidental Casualty.12 month pre existing conditions. 12 month maternity.Individuals:
younger than 55 - R274 pm.
55 to 64 - R344 pm.
65 + @ R393 pm.

Up to 64 yrs - R344 pm.
65+ @ R393 pm.