NB. All gap cover policies currently have an annual limit of R157 000 per insured member per year. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant waiting periods and exclusions. Gap products are not medical aid schemes and cover is not a substitute for medical aid.

KaeloXelus is registered with the Financial Services Board as an underwriting manager (“UMA”) and they distribute their products exclusively via independent intermediaries. Centriq fully underwrites all their insurance products.

Kaelo Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a registered company and Xelus (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider FSP: 36931

Product Solutions:


Sanlam Comprehensive – up to 59 yrs of age @ R298pm and R700 pm for 60yrs and over.


In-Hospital Treatment/Benefits

  • Tariff shortfalls: Additional 500% of scheme tariff
  • Co-Payments
  • Deductibles
  • Sub Limits: R 48 000 per event/condition

Out-of-Hospital Treatment

  • Oncology Co-Payments / Sub Limits – Limited to the statutory maximum of R150 000 per insured per annum
  • Out-Patient Treatment: Co-Payments — MRI/CT scans; 500% tariff cover for oncology, dialysis, Surgical Wisdom Extraction, Scopes & Home Births (unlimited); Emergency Casualty Benefit (accidental only) up to R14 000 per event (max one event per annum)

Additional Features

Hospital Cash Benefit (only payable for accidents and premature births – 6 weeks or earlier, subject to a maximum of R20 000 per beneficiary per annum)

Day 1 to 13 R350 pd
Day 14 to 20 R1 400 pd
Day 21 to 30 R2 100 pd

Premature Birth (More than 6 weeks before due date)
R12 000 per event

Death/Permanent Disability
Illness – R13 200 per member

Accidental – R24 000 per member

Medical Scheme Premium Waiver
6 months – max R4 400 pm

Dental Reconstruction (Trauma & Oncology)
Up to R44 000 per event/condition


Sanlam have grown in popularity since entering the market due to their competitive price, generalised product and straight forward underwriting.Designed for the young and healthy who simply want to belong to some sort of gap cover. They include a hospital cash back option option which is relatively unique to them. They use Kaelo Xelus as administrators who are always improving in service and response times.

Please get in touch to check for suitability with us though as sometimes the focused product they have may not suit certain medical aid options like Keycare, Necess, etc. 




PackageDescriptionAdditional CoverUnderwritingPrice
ComprehensiveAdditional 500% tariff gap. Co payments/deductibles. Sub limits.Oncology Co payments/ sub limits. Hospital Cash back plan. Premature birth.Death/permanent disability, etc.General 3 month and 12 month pre existing conditions.Individual/ Family : R298 pm up to 59 yrs.
R700 for 60 yrs+.